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Marking Guidelines

DEVELOPING (Optional Marks 65-69)

A performance demonstrating an awareness of technical skills, requiring more consistent artistry.

PROGRESSING (Optional Marks 70-74)

A performance showing development of technique and/or communication and commitment.

MERIT (Optional Marks 75-79)

A competent performance, showing some artistic awareness and/or technical ability.

COMMENDED (Optional Marks 80-84)

A convincing performance technically and artistically, with increasing stylistic and communication skills.

HONOURS (Optional Marks 85-89)

An excellent performance, demonstrating fluent technical and artistic skills with emerging individuality.

OUTSTANDING (Optional Marks 90-94)

An impressive performance technically and artistically, displaying spontaneity and clear individuality.

EXCEPTIONAL (Optional Marks 95-100)

A superlative performance, displaying exceptional artistic individuality.

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