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Festival Rules

1. The competition is for amateurs and students who do not derive the main part of their income from the teaching or performance of dance. Professionals are not eligible to compete in this festival. For the purpose of this festival, professionals are defined as those who derive more than basic out-of-pocket expenses within the appropriate profession, either as a performer or as a teacher or attend a stage/dance school on a full-time basis.

2. Entry fees are not refundable except in exceptional cases and only at the committee's discretion, whose decision shall be final.

3. The age of entrants is taken as of 31st August of the year preceding the Festival. In Duets, Trios/Quartets and Groups, the age of the oldest competitor determines the age group. 

4. The Committee may combine Sections or Classes when entries are small, divide when large, and make other regulations or interpret or qualify any rules as occasion may arise. Small sections may be adjudicated at the same time as other sections. This will be indicated in the programme.

5. The Festival does not accept liability for copyright infringement, recording or performing rights arising from any entrant's accompaniment or performance. It contributes to a Group Licence to cover payment of fees for using recorded music at its events. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned.

6. The Adjudicator's decision is final. No discussion or correspondence concerning any decision may ensue. The Adjudicator may not award a place when in his or her opinion, the standard is not sufficiently high or when individuals infringe rules.

7. The organisers reserve the right to substitute or appoint other Adjudicators should any unforeseen contingency arise. 

8. Time limits should not be exceeded. Where the time limit is exceeded or reached, the Adjudicator may stop the performance. No penalty will be imposed if, in the opinion of the Adjudicator, the performance has reached a judgement position.

9. Re-dances are allowed in Pre Junior and A classes or if there is a technical issue. Re-dances in any other classes are at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Please note, in these circumstances, written feedback will be given, and a mark only at the discretion of the Adjudicator. 

10. Communication with the Adjudicator concerning any matters relating to the competition by entrants, teachers or other interested parties prior to or during the competition is prohibited and may lead to disqualification.

11. Competitors will not be permitted to dance out of the section or for a mark if they cannot attend the allocated section except in exceptional circumstances and at the committee's discretion.


12. Performers must dance in correct numerical order except where a complete change of makeup and hairstyle is involved and only at the organiser's discretion. Permission must be sought in advance to ensure the smooth running of the sections.

13. The stage and wings are out of bounds to all except authorised persons and competitors about to perform. (Authorised persons are festival stewards only). Authorised persons include one assistant only to accompany children under 7 years and other ages for the purpose of wardrobe or props.

14. When requested in advance, the Official will announce the title of the dance and, if requested, a short synopsis not exceeding 30 words.

15. The quality of recordings and suitability of recorded vocals may be taken into account by the Adjudicator.

16. Pre-recorded music used in Song and Dance Sections must not include any singing or chanting. Pre-recorded music used in Tap Sections must not include any recorded tap or similar sound effects.

17. Please note that the following cannot be danced until the competitor is 13 years or over: 

Pointe work in any section

Ballet - Contemporary Ballet 


18. No food, drink (other than bottled water) or smoking is allowed in the auditorium.

19. Audience entry to the auditorium must not occur during a performance or adjudication and is at the discretion of the doorkeeper.

20. Audiences should show their appreciation of a performance by clapping. Cheering is not encouraged.

21. All forms of a visual or audio recording of performances are prohibited except by the official photographer appointed by the Festival organisers. This includes photographs of dancers in the lineup for adjudication. This prohibition also applies to the use of mobile phones for such purposes. Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to a silent mode in the auditorium during performances. Anyone not obeying this rule may be asked to leave and must demonstrate that the recorded material has been fully deleted from the device. Please ensure this information is passed on to students and parents/guardians. 

22. ​​The adjudicator’s notes and marks on performance can be obtained after the section without charge. We aim to have the report sheets out as soon as possible after the section has been completed, but we cannot guarantee a time frame.

23. Competitors who are awarded a cup or trophy will be asked to sign a receipt. By signing this, they agree to return the cup, clean and undamaged and engraved where appropriate, by the first day of the next festival unless prior arrangements have been made. The cost of engraving must be borne by the recipient, but such engraving is not obligatory. If a cup is not returned by this date and alternative arrangements have not been discussed, or if a cup is lost or damaged, the Festival Committee reserve the right to charge for repair or replacement and to withhold the presentation of further trophies to competitors who have not returned cups or shields. 

24. Access to dressing rooms is restricted to teachers and parents to assist performers with dressing. Anyone not included in this category will be asked to leave the area. Please note that men are not allowed in the changing rooms under any circumstances. If a father is the only accompanying adult with a competitor, a family room can be provided. Please contact us to request this.

25. We request that dressing rooms must be kept tidy throughout the day and that the school’s property must be respected at all times. Any possessions left in the dressing rooms are entirely at the owner’s risk. A lost property box will be on site, but any items remaining at the end of the festival will be either donated to charity or disposed of. 

26. No guarantee can be made on the day on which any particular section will be held prior to the final programme being issued. 

27. The festival may run early as well as late. We recommend that you arrive at least one hour before the scheduled time of the section and be prepared to go on stage thirty minutes before the section is due to begin.


28. Abusive behaviour, verbal or physical, towards the festival staff will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving this way will be asked to leave, and no refund will be given.

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